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Property Management

At RCM, our goal is to create a close working relationship with each Association
all the while keeping in mind the unique nature of each community.

A trained, licensed and experienced Property Manager is assigned to oversee all of the services performed
on behalf of the Association. The Property Manager focuses on the daily management of the property
and assists the Board of Directors by providing top quality service, The Manager will supervise,
utilize, coordinate and cross train staff members in order to efficiently meet the needs of the
Association. The Property Manager will perform monthly property inspections and insure
that all work (staff and outside vendors) is performed in a timely and professional manner.

All of our staff utilizes specialized and proprietary software that has been designed only for Property
management. Within this system, all the Association information, unit owner data, violations,
letters, work orders, homeowner requests, Architectural applications, vendor contracts, property
inspections, insurance policies, minutes, reports, etc. They are all available for immediate access and
Our Property Managers rely on this tool to manage the property in a professional and
expedient manner.

An integral part of our Property Management team are our in-house Administrative assistants providing
timely solutions to: Telephone Inquiries, Work Orders, Updating Maintenance Records, Resale
Applications, Creating New Ownership Records and supplying all necessary office services
to support your Association and Property Manager.

Accounting and Financial

Overseeing Association finances is one of the key responsibilities of the Board of Directors.RCM has
skilled and experienced bookkeepers, dedicated to association management
accounting and anticipating the future needs of your community.

Our managers and bookkeepers work with your board and finance committee in order to thoroughly
prepare your community's budget in a timely and efficient manner. All Board members receive detailed
monthly financial reports personally prepared and distributed by your bookkeeper.

To ensure your association meets its fiduciary responsibility to the property owners, you can rely on
RCM to
provide clean, concise and accurate financial data on a timely basis.

• Prepare and disburse checks

• Maintain cash balance

• Bank Reconciliations

• Budget Preparation and Disbursement

• Up to date and accurate unit roster

• Estoppel/Mortgage questionnaire

• Preparation of Monthly Balance Sheet , Income Statements, Variance to Budget and other required
financial reports and schedules

• Maintain required supplemental financial schedules

• Payment Coupon Printing and Distribution

• Assist with annual audit with the Associations CPA

• Coordinate and Enforce the Associations Collection policy

• Late Fees notices

• Reminder Notices

• Demand Letters

• Preparation of Attorney package and follow-up

General Maintenance

RCM will maintain your building exterior to keep your investment
looking its best at all times. Our comprehensive maintenance programs emphasize close
attention to detail to make sure your living environment is attractive and healthy.

• Remove Spider Webs and Hornets Nests

• Light Timers Repaired or Replaced

• Common Element Light Bulb Replacement

• Walkway Light Fixtures Replaced

• Pool Decks/Walkways Pressure Washed

• Building Signs Repaired/Installed

• Minor Cracks Repaired/Painted

• Parking Lot Stripes Painted

• Minor Pot Holes Filled

• Parking Bumpers Relocated/Painted

• Sprinkler system adjustment and repair

• Blowing of walkways and common areas

• Pressure cleaning of common areas

• Spot painting of building and perimeter walls

• Minor plumbing repair


At RCM, our employees take great pride in meeting all the detailed needs of your community, from
cleanliness to general maintenance.

• Cleaning of Clubhouses, Lobbies and Halls

• Cleaning of Storage Areas

• Clean, Disinfect and Restock Restrooms

• Coordinate Inspection of Fire Equipment

• Mop, Sweep and Disinfect Floors

• Shampoo and Vacuum Carpets

• Vacuum Furniture, Wax and Polish Vinyl and Wood Floors

• Cleaning of laundry rooms

Repair and Replacement

Peter and his team can provide Associations with efficient service and top quality repairs!
They are available for just about any type of small exterior repairs such as:

• window caulking,

• replace roof tiles,

• replace doors,

• repair or replace light fixtures,

• stucco or concrete repair,

• repair or replace screens,

• repair or replace fencing,

• repair or replace expansion joints,

• repair gutters and downspouts,

• repair dumpster doors

• repair or replace drywall and studs

• repair or replace plumbing fixtures

• repair or replace electrical outlets and switches
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